East Coast Hydraulics has a long standing relationship with those which make a livelihood from the fishing industry. Whatever your need is we have two locations and our mobile services to keep your vessel and equipment ready to ensure you have hassle free trips out to catch your quota.

East Coast Hydraulics has a long history of working with Shipyards to complete their work scope for customers.
Many shipyards bid work that includes expansive hydraulic scopes of work as well as their regular refit work, and we
have been working alongside yards such as Newdock’s St. John’s Dockyard,  Glovertown Shipyard, and in the Port of Lewisporte Newfoundland for many years.


Specializing in hydraulic trouble shooting, installations, and repairs we can help in all stages of the yards work, including quoting on jobs for bidding purposes to equipment and component shop testing and sea trials.


We also have a fleet of rental equipment available for Shipyards when the time comes that the yard themselves do not have enough of or that specific equipment within their own fleet.

Process and Production equipment such as hydraulic presses, assembly line conveyors, ramps, lifts, roller systems and hydraulic jacks can all be addressed through our mobile service center. Some customers with fixed equipment and that we have serviced include the Marine Institute and their Hydraulic Simulators, the National Research Center and their wave tanks, and Scotia Recycling and their Bailer system for recycled materials. Schlumberger and Newfoundland Liquor Corp include other customers with unique in-house equipment. We also can provide filter change-outs and Technical Services such as oil sampling.

East Coast Hydraulics offers service to those requiring special needs for equipment that will be used in the Offshore Oil & Gas Sector, equipment to be used sub sea, and mobilization and de-mobilization services during equipment installation aboard vessels heading offshore. Whether Transport Canada or Class need to be involved, we have been working with both national and international customers to meet whatever standards and regulations are required to ensure that the equipment either we supply or the customer supplies is safe and ready for operation once at sea. We offer a variety of inspection and certification services, and when necessary we will partner with other local inspection and integrity service companies to complete the required tasks.


For equipment going subsea, we can also work with the customer to modify existing equipment or design, fabricate, and test new equipment that will be working at both shallow and great depths beneath the ocean’s surface.

Hydraulics Specifications can change with water temperature as well ROV equipment can require special needs to work properly subsea.


We have a history of going the extra mile to service our customers both figuratively and literally. Is your job happening out of our Newfoundland borders, if so, don’t hesitate to ask if we can still be made available. We have traveled from Nunavut to Panama to service customer hydraulic needs.

  • Western Geco
  • Northern Transportation
  • Government of Nunavut

Working on a job on site and cannot get the equipment moved, downtime is a part of everyone’s business, unexpected and costly, we can attend your work site and help hydraulically.

  • Ocean Ex
  • Harvey’s Auto Carrier
  • St. John’s International Airport

We offer services from every stage of an offshore program:

  • Consultation with the customer on equipment requirements
  • Ship’s equipment layout
  • Inspection and testing of ship’s provided hydraulic system
  • Meeting regulations
  • Equipment Rental
  • Equipment Fabrication
  • Mobilization aboard vessel
  • Proof Testing
  • Offshore Technician I Operator Services
  • De-mobilization
  • Post Program Debriefing

Our business was built on the water, some of our longest tenured customers are marine industry related. Our experience on that which floats is unparalleled in the hydraulics sector. From bow thruster to steering, anchor windlass to FiFi, and every part in between we are ready to help. If you are a Ships Broker do not hesitate to contact us to help with any foreign vessel that may be coming to our waters.

  • Coastal Shipping
  • Canship Ugland
  • Teeykay
  • Woodwards Group
  • St. Pierre Ferry System
  • Newfoundland Provincial Ferry System