OEM Representation

East Coast Hydraulics represents the products of some of the most recognizable names in the field of hydraulics. Both in Service and in Sales, we offer the range of products from these Original Equipment Manufacturer’s

Jacobs Brother Cranes

Jacobs 5 Ton Marine Crane

East Coast Hydraulics and Jacobs Brothers Cranes partner to offer cranes custom designed and built to the exact specifications of the customer. Extraordinary to other crane suppliers, with Jacobs Brothers we can work together from the very beginning of the design stage and offer a custom crane as opposed to trying to find the closest match to your needs by taking an off the shelf design and crane. We can offer these cranes built to meet Class Approvals from any of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS)

Hiab Marine Cranes

With Hiab Marine Crane’s, East Coast Hydraulics has access to their complete line of cranes and can fully service the units. As a recognized Service Provider for the Canadian Governments Fleet of Coast Guard vessels, and meeting all of their technical requirements and certifications, including Ship’s Liability Insurance, we can provide you a complete Marine Crane Package.

BIK Boom-Truck Cranes

BIK ensures that your company will not only receive the proper equipment to do the job in the most cost effective way, but it will be engineered and assembled with the highest level of quality, maximizing payload and stability. Once you take delivery of your new inventory, you will enjoy the full support of the North American Network of BIK approved service facilities ready to take care of any service needs and East Coast Hydraulics is one of those centres.

Heila Truck and Marine Cranes

Heila Cranes produces a wide range of stiff boom crane, telescopic boom crane, knuckle boom crane, foldable telescopic boom crane, Knuckle telescopic boom crane and heavy duty cranes East Coast Hydraulics is a service centre for these cranes.

Jastram Engineering

Jastram Engineering is built on the understanding of how critical steering is to the operation of any vessel. The comfort and safety of the vessel and crew is in part dependent on how well the steering system functions. We believe that steering is one of the most important elements of any vessel. This motivating force is why Jastram is compelled to design and manufacture to the highest quality. We provide dependable engineered marine steering solutions worldwide and in Newfoundland East Coast Hydraulics is the OEM rep for Sales and Service.