Snow Plow Repair

At East Coast Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier repairs and exceptional customer service, guaranteeing that your snow plow is prepared for the most demanding winter conditions.

We offer:

  • Hydraulic System Repairs
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Comprehensive Maintenance
  • Genuine Arctic Parts
  • Troubleshooting Expertise
  • Oil Replacement
  • Pre and Post Season Maintenance

All of our repair services are priced at $100/hr.

Why choose East Coast Hydraulics?

Quality Service and Parts:

We prioritize quality in both our service and parts, ensuring your Arctic plow receives the best care.

Certified Arctic Plow Warranty:

As the certified Arctic Master Dealer for Newfoundland and Labrador, our repairs come with the guarantee of the highest standards, backed by the Arctic Plow Warranty.

Great Customer Service:

Experience excellent customer service from our dedicated team, who are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Our Process:

  1. Contact us to schedule your repair appointment.
  2. We will conduct a diagnostic inspection to identify issues and provide a detailed quote.
  3. Once you approve, we will proceed with the repair.
  4. The repair will be conducted by certified technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions


We offer Hydraulic System Repairs, Electrical Diagnostics, Comprehensive Maintenance, Genuine Arctic Parts, Troubleshooting Expertise, Oil Replacement, and Pre and Post Season Maintenance.


Our pricing is transparent, with all services charged at $100/hr.


Yes, we stock all Arctic parts for newer plows.